A Special Edition of the cuteOpuzzle dedicated to endangered animals like Slow Loris, Red Panda, Blue Whale and many others.  A designer toy that helps kids discover lesser known animals while playing and creating their own combinations.

Carturesti, a local bookstore has now adopted these cuteOpuzzles as part of their Romanian Designers Platform (ROD) promoting and selling them in one of their locations. You can find them in the special ROD section, in Verona location, ready to be taken home.

CuteOpuzzles  are designer toys – wooden cubes hand painted with whimsical characters that make up all kinds of animals and fantastic creatures in any combination you can think of. They are unique, hand painted water-resistant and non-toxic.

Check out a winter theme cuteOpuzzle or a mixed one with a kid’s favorite animals. If you want one custom made let’s talk.