Designer Toy – Winter Edition cuteOpuzzle

hand painted puzzle reindeer combinations designer toy

The cuteOpuzzle put on winter clothes for a special order for blogger, mother and owner of  ozzy . This time the designer toy joined together a penguin, a reindeer, an owl, a cat and a polar bear. Of course, that’s only the beginning. There are also many more characters to discover and create like the “catdeer” or the “powl” and any combination that crosses your mind. Plus, you can draw your own each time using the chalkboard side.

They are all unique, hand-painted, water-resistant and non-toxic, as always.

You can see other cuteOpuzzles that were specially created here, and order your own for 50 euro by sending me a message.

designer toy hand painted puzzle owl christmas


polar bear cute illustration on wooden puzzle


puzzle play designer toy hand painted unique