painting process of whimsical characters on dinner table

CuteOshenii are whimsical characters hand painted on furniture and home accessories. Custom or simply unique these illustrations can change the face of new or old household objects.



CuteOshenii are a special species of illustrated characters that can take different shapes and live in various mediums. What they have in common are giggles and quirkiness, curious eyes and striped, lacy or nostalgic clothing. They don’t fear adventures, play, the impossible or awkwardness and once you meet one of them you too will be less afraid.

What are they made from?

A combination of primer, acrylics and protective lacquer. All the paints and lacquers are water based so they are eco-friendly and non-toxic.That makes the illustrations water resistant, easy to clean with a washcloth and soap and low-maintenance at accomplishing their mission. They work best when applied on wood surfaces. 

How are they created?

It starts with the moment when you look around your home and suddenly you realize that your nightstand doesn’t make you smile or your baby’s dresser isn’t magical. 

From that point, we talk it over, you tell me about the piece of furniture and its purpose, about your hobbies or favorite animals you would like to include in the illustrations. Starting from this information i create your very own cuteOshenie and hand paint it on your furniture. And just before you know it you’re smiling when you get up and your baby made friends with the dresser.

How do i get one?

  1. Custom painted: You bring your own piece of furniture, old or new, and i design and hand paint a special character just for you.
  2. Ready to buy: Some pieces are already designed and painted with my special whimsical character. If they are ready for purchase you will find that in the description, along with the asking price.